Middle Georgia Wedding Photography – Sunny and Bret DeJeet


Middle Georgia Wedding – Sunny and Bret DeJeet

Happy Hump Day everybody! Today, I’m sharing a love story that lead to a beautiful  Middle Georgia wedding. Sunny and Bret met almost 4 years ago on Match.com. They became friends, and for their first date he picked her up from Dakota Ranch in his red ’97 Corvette. They fell in love at first sight and immediately became best friends. They were 800 miles apart, and in April 2016 she reached out to him to see if he was seeing anyone. She prayed that he would say no because she wanted to be with him! Well perfect timing it was, he was single! They began communicating again, and after just a few short months of visiting, he sold his corvette to move back to Georgia to be with her! They’ve been in love ever since. Even though he sold his favorite car, his big blue eyes and huge heart confirmed that he was the perfect match!

Fast forward to April 14, 2018. They vowed everlasting love to each other on Dakota Ranch once again! It was such a gorgeous wedding down to the details of the food. His brother is a gourmet chef and provided food, and I have to say it was so delicious! I am so glad I got to capture this special day for Sunny and Bret. They are such a happy couple, and I know they have such a magical future ahead.

If you have an inquires for your wedding day, please see my contact page on my website, and I will be getting back to you as soon as possible! I hope everyone’s week is going great and looking forward to the weekend, I know I am!

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